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Signal Conditioners: GLDU and DAD

The DAD and GLDU are signal conditioners offering superior speed and accuracy required by OEM's in industrial processing applications. Their function is to power the load cell(s) and convert the returning millivolt signal to a digital RS422/RS485 signal or analog 4-20 mA signal that can be easily translated by external devices. Precision filling and checkweighing are just two examples of how you might use these state-of-the-art electronics. When every millisecond counts, these electronics are the key to reliable, high-speed precise measurements. Their convenient size and profile fits well in control panels and in HMI's (Human Machine Interface) devices and PLC's.

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GLDU 69.1 Load Cell Digitalizer

GLDU 69.1 is a high accuracy, high stabilty load cell digitalizer. Ideal for applications where there is high dead load to live load relationship. Perfect for filling and packaging machines.
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GLDU 78.1 Load Cell Digitalizer

GLDU 78.1 converts the load cell signal to digital format for reliable, precision weighing operations at high speed.
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DAD 141.1 DIN-Rail/TS35 Digital Amplifier

The Digital Amplifier, DAD141.1 is a stand-alone device for DIN-rail mounting (TS35). It is an all-in-one device for non-automatic and automatic weighing, filling or loss-in-weigh operations.
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