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Made in USA

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Other Load Cell Types

Data Sheets for Other Load Cell Types

7001 Stainless Steel IP67 Load Pin

High capacity load cell constructed by Stainless steel. Available at a logical price.
Capacity: 100t – 500t
Output: 12.0±20% mV/V
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8001, 8002 Aluminum/Stainless Steel IP66 Load Button

Precise and available with low to high capacities. Load button load cell made of Aluminum/stainless steel.
Capacity: 1kg – 5t
Output: 1.0±20% mV/V
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MBB 8004 Aluminum Beam Type Load Button

The type MBB is an aluminium beam type load cell with improved potting. It is suitable for use in industrial environments.
Capacity: 5lbs, 10lbs
Output: 3.0±10% mV/V
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8005 Load Button

The 8005/8006 series load cell is designed for special force and weight applications.
Capacity: 2lbs - 500lbs
Output: 2.0±10% mV/V
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8011 Stainless Steel Insert Force Sensor Load Button

Precise sensor load cell.
Output: 0.200mV/V
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9001 Tension Link

High capacity load cell. Alloy steel; Patent design equivalent to 3000d for scales class III. Available with cost effective price.
Capacity: 1t – 120t
Output: 3.0±10% mV/V
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