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NTEP - National Conference on Weights and Measures

Made in USA
Made in USA

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Group Four Transducers Inc
The type SP2 is an aluminum single point load cell with an improved potting.

Single Point 4018

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  • Capacities from 1 kg to 100 kg.
  • Aluminum Construction.
  • Environmental Protection IP67.
  • Maximum Platform Size up to 16X16in.
  • High Natural Frequency.
  • Lower Cost than SP4-SS.


  • Retail Scales, Bench Scales, Check Weighing Scales and Portion Control Scales.


  • mV/V/Ohm Calibration matching.
  • 4019 : With Unified Thread.
  • 4073 : With Nickel Plated Steel Construction.
  • SP4-SS : With Stainless Steel Construction.