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Made in USA

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Double Ended Beam

Double Ended Beam Load Cells

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Group Four Double Ended Beam designs are basically two single-ended beams back-to-back in a single body to provide low profile solutions. This design is suited for applications such as pediatric scales where 20-inch beams are needed to support the 22-inch weighing surface. In this application two Group Four Double Ended Beams give mechanical strength to the scale's center point and the live end of the beams fitted with scale feet. This design gives needed accuracy from any touch point of the scale.

Group Four Double Ended Beams are also used in dialysis scales where high capacity and low profile compete. The Group Four-developed symmetrical design methods are employed in this product line, as well, to provide repeatable and accurate measurements.

Another advantage of using the Double Ended Beam is the elimination of extra cables providing some economic advantage to the design. If space and capacity is your problem; Group Four will have the solution.

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