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Made in USA

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Feed wagons, livestock scales, grain elevators, inventory management and rationing systems are some of the more common agriculture applications. The load cells preferred for these applications are rugged, heavy duty and capable of withstanding outdoor weather conditions. Also, in some applications the animal waste can be particularly corrosive and damaging to load cells.

Product Groups:
double ended beams, s-beam, weigh modules, 8006 insert sensor

Case Study:
Dispensing feed to livestock from a moving vehicle to a far-reaching herd is a common day problem in the agriculture industry. A customer came to Group Four with a design to distribute the feed from a truck mounted dispenser. Feed would be drawn from the dispenser by feeder arms, which would then broadcast the feed for the animals. Group Four engineers designed a unique load cell to fit on both feeder arms, which allowed the rancher to measure the amount of feed being distributed. This design has been in production and produced an outstanding tool for the rancher/ farmer to measure feed from a moving station.

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