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Single Point Load Cells

Rail Transport

The rail transport industry was one of the first industries to use load cell weighing technology over 50 years ago. Traditionally this was the most efficient way to transport raw materials and products across the United States that was too heavy for truck hauling. Weighing rail cars that weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds has always been a difficult application. However, canisters and insert sensors are designed to take this type of abuse allowing for many years of maintenance free operation.

Product Groups:
canister load cells, rocker column

Case Study:
Group Four assisted in the design of an in-motion weighing system for the railroad industry. In-motion weighing is a very cost efficient system to measure railcar weight. This system eliminates the time-consuming method of uncoupling a railcar to measure its weight on an inactive rail . The in-motion systems measures weight as the railcar rolls over the weigh bridge. Group Four designed a special insert for the bridge to accurately and quickly measure railcar weight. We also had to design the insert to meet all environmental challenges for this industry. This design saves railroad companies a great deal of time and costs. Group Four is proud to be a part of the solution.

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