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Made in USA

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6002 Aluminum IP65 Planar Beam Load Cell

6002 planar beam load cell, aluminum, low profile, perfect for your checkout scale, bin scale and internet of things IoT applications.

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  • Capacities 37.5lb, 75lb and 200lb.
  • Aluminium construction.
  • Environmental Protection IP67.
  • Very low profile design.


  • Compact scales, bench and floor scales, retail and counting scales, special applications in medical and other areas.





When a quantity of four 37.5 pound loadcells are assembled into a 68.04 kg x 0.02 kg (3402 division) load receiving element,and the load receiving element is tested to the requirements set forth in the current "NIST handbook 44", the load receiving element shall meet class iii acceptance tolerances for seperate main elements.

The 75 lb capacity is manufactured such that when a quantity of four units is assembled into a 113.40 kg x 0.02 kg scale , the scale will meet class iii acceptance tolerances when tested in accordance to NIST handbook 44.