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NTEP - National Conference on Weights and Measures

Made in USA
Made in USA

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Group Four Transducers Inc
The type SP2 is an aluminum single point load cell with an improved potting.

4047 Stainless Steel IP67 NTEP Single Point Load Cell

The 4047 is a stainless steel, single point load cell with a "triple beam" shear section. The advantage to of this design is the load cell is more resilient to side loads commonly found in conveyor scales and large bench scales. With the IP67 moisture protection, this load cell will perform consistently in outdoor and wet environments. This cell is NTEP approved and legal-for-trade.

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  • Capacities from 100lb to 1000lb.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Environmental Protection IP67.
  • OIML approval to C3, 3000 division, multiple error band.
  • NTEP approval to Class III, 3000 division, multiple error band.
  • HI-POT Test is performed at 600VAC for 1 sec.


  • Conveyor scales, large bench scales.


  • Hermetically sealed IP69k version.