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Made in USA

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GLDU 69.1 Load Cell Digitalizer

GLDU 69.1 is a high accuracy, high stabilty load cell digitalizer. Ideal for applications where there is high dead load to live load relationship. Perfect for filling and packaging machines.

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  • Supports any weighing or reference application, which requires precision beyond normal.
  • Offers extreme stability over time and temperature.
  • Internal precision reference 2.000.0mV/V for mV/V calibration.
  • Eases the design of any digital device dealing with a load cell input.
  • Communicates via a RS 422/485 full duplex interface in 32 node networks or point to point.
  • A graphic presentation, analysis and set up PC program, DOP is available.


  • The GLDU 69.1 is often used as calibration equipment by quality inspectors and manufactures of load cells and test machines.