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Made in USA

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Single Ended Beam

Single Ended Beam

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Group Four's Single-Ended Beam Load Cell family offers a variety of solutions for low profile scale applications. The Group Four engineer-developed symmetrical design system, which takes the agony out of calibration, solves high performance needs. By designing the Single-Ended Beam with mechanical and electrical symmetry, our customers, when the system requires multiple load cells, will find this to be an elegant solution. Our load cells use "corner-adjusted" technology and great know-how in circuit design.

A good example of using our know-how involved a railroad track weighing system that took technicians expensive hours to calibrate. Each time a replacement cell was dropped into the system, the recalibration procedure was repeated. Group Four engineers used its Single Ended Load Cell design with corner-adjusted technology to solve the calibration problem not only for initial set-up but also for future replacements.

Group Four engineers can customize its Single-Ended Beams to meet your exacting needs where fit limitations are present and high performance is needed.

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