About - Group Four Transducers

We create purpose-built products for function driven people. Our load cells and weighing systems find their roots in the action for which they were designed: Built to meet and exceed all environmental conditions. We are inspired by men and women who innovate for themselves. People who know that design with out utility is meaningless and utility without state-of-the-art technology, mundane and boring. We believe in living life with honesty, purpose and no regrets, because real style is about being your self and no one else.

Steve Torres CEO,
Group Four


Group Four is my expression of independence. I founded Group Four in an old New England mill with the help of Digital Equipment and Springfield Technical College. At first we made things we knew; Load Cells; We made all Types of load cells. You name it; we built it. We rigorously tested our products in our lab and customers validated our high standards in the field. We used the finest raw materials that we knew could take a beating and maintain the highest performance standards. Now, as my family has grown to include my wife and two children, I’m solidifying the synergy among our brands, our talented employees, my family and our customers to reflect our evolution as both company and family. Our new web site is designed to express our reinvented company and plain ole patriotism. A patriotism that goes back to the days when my Dad was a gunners mate in the Pacific and my Grandfather racing around Camelback Mountain in one of his restored automobiles. I am proud of being a USA company making products in this country and abroad. This means new products, technologies and experiences. All born from the way we live our lives. It’s the ultimate step in convergence of my personal philosophy, our company and the products we create. Even through the years of changes, one thing remains the same; we are committed to providing the highest quality load cells and system solutions and the best experience possible in everything we do. Because we understand that while Group Four is a direct reflection of us, it’s nothing without you.