Group Four Gaging Services

Have you designed a transducer and you need help manufacturing the device to your exact specifications? FEA studies can only give you a partial picture of how a part will perform under load. For situations such as this, the Group Four gaging services team can provide careful analysis of the desired measurement, implementation of strain gage bonding and custom sensor integration, resulting in a comprehensive system of gaging, measurement and monitoring. Strain gages and measurement systems from Group Four can be used to test machine parts, engine parts, structures, construction elements and other articles. Gaging may be used on metals, glass, composites , and even organic materials. With the system designed, Group Four will expertly calibrate and test to ensure measurement efficiency for your gaging project. These systems are designed by our own engineers who use the same techniques everyday in our own OEM load cell and sensor systems. Call Group Four for your gaging needs today!