Chemical Processing

Strict regulation of this industry by the government has its effects on the weighing components selected for this industry. The most important factors when selecting a load cell for this industry are making sure it will maintain superior accuracy and repeatability. Also, often times when processing chemicals the ingredients can be hazardous and/or explosive requiring stringent regulation.

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Product Groups:

Single Ended Beam, Double Ended Beam, Weighing Module, S-Beam

Case Study

The chemical industry presents unique environmental and safety challenges that Group Four has expertise and broad experience. One such example is a world-leading gas and oil company that needed a turnkey weighing system which could provide very high accuracy and environmental safety in a chemical weighing system which required 55 measuring stations that could provide local monitoring via instrumentation and centralized data capture for the entire production line. Group Four solved the problem with a turnkey weighing system that provided weighing accuracy, data capture and Factory Mutual approval. Our solution met all the operating standards, measuring needs and safety assurance that the customer wanted.