OEM's/Machine Builders/Systems Integrators

OEM's are Original Equipment Manufacturers, also referred to as Machine Builders and sometimes as Systems Integrators. Because the definition of these terms varies, the applications that they get involved with can also vary. One example of an OEM is a Company that specializes in filling and packaging equipment. They would supply turnkey filling and packaging equipment to a many different types of industrial manufacturers. Since each of these manufacturer's needs would be slightly different the load cells and measuring components used could change from application to application. An example of a Systems Integrator would be an engineering firm that is commissioned to build a manufacturing plant. Although an engineering firm would have the understanding to specify the weighing components, they rely on Group Four for this function because this is our area of expertise. We are current with all the industries latest technology and can make expert recommendations without being limited to a single product line. We recommend what works best in the customer's application...period!

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Single Point, S-Beam, Single Ended Beam, Double Ended Beam, Planar Beam, Weighing Module