Scale Manufacturers

Just about everything you touch in the course of a day is weighed at some point during its manufacturing process. Scale platforms typically do this weighing. These are the most common use of load cells in the world. Truck scale, floor scale, bench scale and counting scale manufacturers typically use load cells in capacities ranging from fractions of a pound up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. The load cells for these applications need to be rugged and durable. Often times they need to have legal-for-trade approvals. The material of construction can be aluminum, steel or stainless steel depending on the environment they will be installed in.

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Product Groups:

Single Point, S-Beam, Single Ended Beam, Double Ended Beam, Rocker Column, Canisters, Planar Beam, Weighing Module

Case Study

Our OEM scale customer presented our engineers with the daunting challenge of designing a load cell to meet industry-accepted mounting and measuring properties but in a low cost plastic scale body. This required our engineers to design a planar beam which could be mounted directly on to plastic. This self-supporting load cell system could not rely on traditional steel sub structure for mounting. We also had to design the four-load cells system to be moment insensitive. The joint effort produced great results where the customer introduced these low cost scales without sacrificing measuring performance.