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The aggregate industry deals with the measuring and handling of bulk materials typically used in construction, building materials and energy production. Belt scales, hopper scales and silo level indication are very common applications for this industry. The load cells for this industry are often outdoors and exposed to extreme weather conditions. Case Study One of Group Four’s customer presented us with a challenging application in the weigh feeder business. Their product had to function in a tough operating environment to continuously and accurately measure crushed stone, ore, cement, coal, food processing and chemicals. Group Four used a specialized load cell which guaranteed accurate measurements even in harsh side loading conditions. Our design has been a long-standing feature of the customer’s products.


Our Canister load cells are hermetically sealed and very durable.
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Single Point

We don't take a "one fit for all" approach to its Single Point Load Cell solutions.
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Double Ended Beams

Group Four Double Ended Beam designs are basically two single-ended beams back-to-back in a single body to provide low profile solutions.
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S Beams

Our S-Beam Load Cell designs are perfect for applications where you need large capacities in a tight fit.
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Single Ended Beams

Our Single Ended Beam Load Cell family offers a variety of solutions for low profile scale applications.
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