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Group Four specializes in Medical Equipment and Medical Device machine building, as well as the provision of test and calibration solutions for medical equipment and devices. Medical Devices, Laboratory Equipment, Surgical, and Diagnostic equipment require precise and reliable medical measurement solutions that Group Four enables in a variety of applications. Group Four Medical Solutions Include:

Medical Beds and Tables

Group Four has a well-developed history implementing load cell solutions and measurement systems for medical beds and tables.

Patient Transport Measurement Systems

Load cells for patient transport are evolving rapidly as guided solutions are being employed to help with movement.

Drug Dispensing Systems

Group Four miniature measurement and calibration systems are a part of some of these drug dispensing systems.

Medical Testing Equipment

Group Four services and equipment for medical testing and device calibration.

Medical Bag Weighing

Group Four analog and digital load cell solutions and measurement systems for medical applications include medical bag weighing.

Medical Mobility Measurement Solutions

Medical mobility solutions encompass a wide area of applications from prosthetic to patient mobile wheelchairs.

Medical Pump Metering, Dosing, and Injection

Our digital load cells and sensors provide key elements for measurement systems for these devices.

COVID-19 Medical Product and Manufacturing Support

In response to the Global Pandemic, we are supporting Medical Equipment Manufacturers, Food Processing, Paper Products and Cleaning Products Manufacturers.

Capping Press Application

Group Four solutions for medical applications include devices, systems, and tools for systems such as capping press measurement.

Airflow and Ventilator Measurement Solutions

Group Four has experience in producing measurement solutions and calibration for these medical devices.

Sample Handling Measurement Systems

Our digital and analog load cells and electronic systems are key for parts of these systems.

Patient Lift Measurement Solutions

This application requires not only precise measurement, but integration with other electronics.

Liquid Dispensing and Pipetting Measurement

Group Four digital load cells and sensors provide key elements of many measurement systems for these medical devices.

Robotic Tactile Measurement and Sensing

This is a rapidly expanding field for a wide range of industries including medical.

Miniature Load Cells

Our miniature load cells are used for light weight, light touch, or for smaller spaces.
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Our Instrumentation products include digital weigh indicators, process instrumentation, handheld indicators, signal conditioners and wireless.
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Single Ended Beams

Our Single Ended Beam Load Cell family offers a variety of solutions for low profile scale applications.
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