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Our application team can help you select the proper sensor and electronic solution for any test and measurement requirement that you have.   Group Four has experience in a broad range of industries such as, oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, process control, food and beverage, materials testing, medical and many others.

Product Groups


Our Canister load cells are hermetically sealed and very durable.
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Pressure Transducers

We can help you define the best and most efficient solution for your need from a wide range of pressure sensor products.
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Digital Force Gages

These units are typically used for weighing or material handling applications where knowing the weight of an item being lifted is critical.
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S Beams

Our S-Beam Load Cell designs are perfect for applications where you need large capacities in a tight fit.
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Manual Test Stands

Test stands are useful in eliminating the variability inherent in hand testing and can help to automate test processes.
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Torque Force Gauges

All torque gauges capture the peak torque in both directions (CW and CCW) and have selectable units of torque measurement.
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Our Instrumentation products include digital weigh indicators, process instrumentation, handheld indicators, signal conditioners and wireless.
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Motorized Test Stands

Motorized stands offer a significant advantage over manual test stands by providing constant test speed.
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Indicators with Sensors

Force/Torque Indicators with Remote Sensors.
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Miniature Load Cells

Our miniature load cells are used for light weight, light touch, or for smaller spaces.
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Ergonomics Testing

This kit is ideal for ergonomists and other professionals.
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