Digital Signal Conditioners, Infinite Impulse Response, IIR and Finite Impulse Response, FIR Filters Explained

The magic behind IIR and FIR filters as explained by industry leader Michael Bach

Group Four customers strive for the highest levels of measurement accuracy and this is achieved by considering the complete measurement chain. How the load is applied, which sensor is used, and how the signal is best amplified from the sensor, are the key components.

In order for Group Four to offer a complete, high-accuracy measurement chain to our customers, we have formed a partnership with Michael Bach of H&B Electronics, a leader in high-accuracy signal conditioning electronics, to compliment our high-accuracy load cells. A result of this important partnership is the development of Group Four’s new high-accuracy Digital Load Cells. Utilizing H&B Electronics’ vast experience, the new Group Four digital load cells represent a higher level of load cell accuracy. We are now in a position to sell and support key elements of the H&B electronics product line.

Michael explains the magic behind his filters in a technical paper available on our website. For further details on these unique electronic solutions, please visit: Read More

Application in Focus: How much water does each plant need in a greenhouse with over 200,000 plants?

…obviously not an easy question to answer. With the information provided by Group Four digital load cells, Control Dekk developed an automated system capable of weighing each plant and sending the information to a main control device. That device automatically determines what each plants watering needs are to maximize growth without wasted time or resources.

Results: Uniform growth, reduced man hours, reduced waste. We call that a win-win-win!

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