Group Four Release Digital Load Cells with Integral I/O

Group Four, fast becoming the leader in digital load cell technology, introduces a new enhancement to their digital load cell product line. The integration of digital electronics has enabled Group Four to increase the accuracy of the load cell and hence improve the performance of the measurement system along with the speed at which the measurement can be made.

To further enhance the speed of the measurement system and to help simplify the control system that is connected to the digital load cell, the Group Four digital load cell is now available with an integrated I/O System. The I/O system consists of three digital inputs and four digital outputs.

Included with the load cell is a very user-friendly software system that will allow the user to set the trigger points within the I/O system, so that you can perform, coarse filling, fine filling and automatic refilling where required. These features are ideal for check-weighing, bottle filling or dosing into or from a tank and for mixing/batching systems.

The features of 3 different firmware types and application specific commands are the ideal solution for check-weighing, multi head scale applications, filling/dosing into a weighed bottle or bag and drop out filling/dosing from a tank

About Group Four Transducers
Group Four Transducers, Inc. is a global provider of weight and force measurement products. The company specializes in dependable, application-engineered products by utilizing its lean business philosophy to consistently meet the needs of its customers worldwide. The company’s products are found in a wide variety of applications specializing in packaging solutions but also ranging from physical rehabilitation equipment, medical devices, automated self-checkout scales, aircraft weight and balance apparatus, and thousands of other applications. Group Four Transducers is headquartered in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts with manufacturing in Massachusetts and Dankatua, Sri Lanka.

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