How are Food and Beverage Containers Tested?

Most of us tear into our food without thinking about the packaging that comes with it. However, there are numerous tests that each manufacturer uses to make sure your food arrives perfectly prepared. Everything from a potato chip bag to a soda cap that twists off with the right amount of pressure goes through different testing protocols.

Here are a few of the common food package tests used throughout the industry:

  • Bottle cap torque and pressure testing: These tests help you figure out how much pressure is necessary to twist the cap off a bottle, so people don’t have to apply too much or too little effort and end up getting hurt or making a mess. You can use a torsion drive with a linear axis to test tightening and loosening torques.
  • Top load testing: Stacked cartons and other products that are on top of each other can lead to an unsafe environment. A top load force test will help you keep your products and your store safe.
  • Burst testing for food packaging: A burst test adds internal pressure to a package until the seal “bursts” open. This can help you determine the strength and durability of your food, beverages and packaging, such as potato chip bags and more.
  • Crush testing for food products: A crush or compression test helps you figure out the ripeness, durability and readiness for consumption of any food, beverage and more. It’s one of the most common tests for food. You perform it by placing a sample of the food on a flat surface while lowering a compression plate onto the sample.
  • Packaging testing: There are several packaging tests that you can perform before a food or beverage is ready for consumption. Function tests on the entire package often include tearing off opening tabs, opening and closing lids, tearing off carrying handles and more to ensure the package is durable.
  • Physical hazard testing: Both children and adults can encounter risk factors even with food and beverages. Physical hazard testing helps you identify any problems with a product by accurately simulating the human body.

Products for Food and Beverage Testing

You need testing instruments that will hold up to repeated food and beverage tests. Group Four Transducers has everything you need — including load cells from 0-10 grams to 0-3 million pounds, plus test stands, scales, force gauges and more. We also distribute Mark-10 products for all different types of force and torque measurement applications. We’ve been involved in the food and beverage industry for years, and we understand what you need to succeed.

In addition to our own products and the other manufacturers we work with, we’re serious about getting you the products you require. If you don’t see what you want, give us a call and we can try to find it. We also modify existing products so they fit your specifications. View our catalog of products online and give us a call for our help or more information about modifying products for your needs.

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