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How Do Companies Monitor the Oil Production Process?

Oil production process testing is just as necessary as testing a car or a plane. There are many dangers when extracting oil, so it’s important to have equipment that works efficiently and safely. While there are many different tests companies use to monitor the entire oil extraction process, here are a few of the most common:

  • Cold weather tests: Oil sites are often located in the Arctic, where temperatures reach well below 0. Production is more difficult and expensive in these areas, since workers have to keep the equipment running 24/7 to keep it from freezing. Testing the equipment in cold weather conditions ensures that it works correctly at a job site.
  • Offshore tests: Equipment off the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea has to withstand salty air and more. Manufacturers test different coatings and maintenance procedures that stop corrosion from happening in the first place. This helps operations that are self-sufficient and that receive supplies by helicopter or supply vessels.
  • Tension, torque and pressure tests: It’s essential to monitor tension, torque and pressure while drilling. Some tools give you real-time data so you can understand what’s happening at the pull-head. You’ll know instantly if a wire-line failure occurred or you’re close to the maximum torque limit.
  • Rig tests: Your rig is one of the most important parts of your whole operation. While there are many different tests you can perform to monitor your rigs, you should always test the rotary equipment. This holds the weight of the drill string that allows you to rotate your rig. Test this for accuracy frequently to make sure your equipment is in good working condition.

What Do Oil Companies Use to Test Their Equipment?

There are many different tools oil companies use to test their equipment. A few are pump-off control, wire line tension control, coil tubing applications, down-hole tension and pressure monitoring and calibration systems. Some companies use custom equipment and special application systems on their oil platforms based on what kind of environment they’re working in.

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