Industrial Weigh Modules and Weigh Systems

Group Four: The Weigh Systems Solver

Group Four strives to completely understand each customer’s system needs going beyond the stand alone load cell. We can fit you to a precise weighing solution that conforms to our standards for which we use the acronym UTV. This stands for Use, Technology and Value. Whether your needs might be an individual weight sensor or complete weigh system, we have the knowledge and products to satisfy your needs. After all, if you don’t know how much it weighs, you don’t know how much it is costing you.

Each component of UTV guides our equipment recommendations.

U: The equipment must fully meet customer USE requirements.

T: our scales and systems must take advantage of appropriate industry TECHNOLOGY standards.

V: All equipment provided must reflect true VALUE. This means that our customers purchase the best components specifically suited to their needs at the most competitive prices in the marketplace…the best value for the dollar!

We insist on the highest standards of corporate integrity. We give our customers accurate expectations. We make good on our promises and commitments. We will never over-engineer a scale or system for higher profits. If we don’t have an immediate answer, we will find it promptly.

We sell every conceivable type of scale including precision laboratory balances, industrial platform scales, medical scales, forklift & pallet scales, livestock scales, crane scales, truck scales, counting scales, check-weigh systems…well, you get the idea.

For process weigh systems we provide design, engineering, development, construction, installation, start- up, maintenance and repair for industrial weighing systems, from simple tank weighing projects to the most complex, hazardous area, in motion bag-filling systems. We provide the weighing components, hardware, indicators, controls and computer interfaces required for any industrial or commercial weighing application. We realize that systems are rarely identical. We are expert in making sure that our customers get the exact system their process requires.

Please contact one our applications engineering team to get solutions for all of your weighing needs.

Expanding our USA Presence

While we have become a world-wide company with a manufacturing location in Asia, we know the importance of a strong presence in the USA. That’s why our world-wide headquarters remain in New England. In fact, we are increasing our presence in the USA to strengthen key functions such as Regional Field Sales, New Product Development, QA, Load Cell and Systems Engineering. Supply Chain Management, Prototyping and Small Lot Production.

We feel it vital that Group Four continue to be the best value proposition to the market place. Good pricing, Speed and Know-How are key components to ensure Group Four remains nimble and quick to respond to your changing needs. That’s why we are continuing to strengthen our USA service presence to have your needed resources ready at hand.

As this is a global market place and many of you have operations outside the USA, we specialize in managing the supply chain so that you are never without product and we keep our factories efficiently loaded. But, there are occasions when demand fluctuations call for extraordinary measures. That’s why we also offer flexible inventory options that work for your business model.

These values we hold are often spoken by competitors but not so often done. For large scale production where pricing becomes a primary business factor, we use our own capture South East Asia factory. This factory is not only locally managed by good people with vast industry knowledge but also report into the USA operations.

The combination of these services has proven to be what the market wants. Since the world wide slowdown in 2008 Group Four’s revenue has doubled. We believe this is a good indicator that even in difficult economies, goodness wins!

Industrial Weigh Modules When You Need Them

Some scales are fixed in place while others need to be removable to maintain a calibration in the field. Getting accurate readings from measuring devices can be critical depending on the application. Reliable equipment that is tailored to the application can make the difference. If the wrong components are selected for the job at hand, the readings will be worthless and could have a significant impact on related work.

Whether you are measuring the weight of liquids or solids, using the imperial or the metric system, having the right scales and balances could mean the difference between business success or failure. With so many types to choose from and some being industry-specific, it is important to find a supplier who can get you just the right measuring tools.

Group Four Assists Bridging Between States

How large is your application? How about weighing a 300 ft. X 50 ft. section of bridge? Nothing too big for Group Four. A civil engineering company had a large scale challenge to accurately measure the weight of the center span of a bridge linking New Hampshire and Maine. Who did they pick to get it right? You bet; Group Four Transducers!

The company was replacing a vertical lift bridge connecting New Hampshire and Maine. A crucial element was balancing the bridge section with counterweights. The bridge span was built upriver on a barge and floated into place early one morning. The Group Four rented four 1 million lb. capacity load cells with hand-held displays to the contractor. The load cells were set up at the four corners of the span, where the bearings are located. They positioned the span and slowly lowered it onto the Group Four load cells. The weight measurements were used to adjust the counterweights so they are as close to the bridge weight as possible.

Do you have such a challenge? Contact Group Four and we can match our product to your needs.

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