Weigh Modules and Rocker Column Load Cells

Weigh Modules: Let us Weigh-in on your Needs

Group Four Transducers Weighing Module product line has expanded to a variety of eighteen modules covering a wide range of tank or vessel applications. Group Four designs ensure loads are properly introduced to the load cells such that error measurements are virtually non-existent. A common complaint of module users is poorly designed product that introduces misalignment or torque creating data, which cannot be trusted.

Besides designing our product for accuracy, installation and serviceability are not overlooked. Group Four engineers ensure our weighing modules will be easy to attach to many different structure designs and suitable for a variety of retrofit applications.

Industrial components will fail. A majority of the time it is due to operator abuse or error but there will be a time when you need to repair or maintain that brand new weigh system. Our engineers have properly specified the weighing module for your application, be assured that the module is designed for easy load cell switch outs when the inevitable occurs.

Interested in knowing more about our weighing modules? Group Four Weighing Modules provide the greatest value with high quality, proven designs and competitive prices.
Please contact our product specialist for details!

Corporate Quality: Because it's Worth it!

While we have become a world-wide company with a manufacturing location in Asia, we know the importance of a strong presence in the USA. That’s why our world-wide headquarters remain in New England. In fact, we are increasing our presence in the USA to strengthen key functions such as Regional Field Sales, New Product Development, QA, Load Cell and Systems Engineering. Supply Chain Management, Prototyping and Small Lot Production.

One of the four core competencies of Group Four Transducers is an ever-present passion for quality. We believe so strongly in its importance that we will be using this space in upcoming newsletters to share with you how we feel quality is worth the effort!

For this newsletter we want to share with you our systems approach to quality. It begins with our product design. With over 60 years of design experience, we know the importance of designing for quality through repeatable results, reliability and manufacturability. Each of these qualities of design are unique and an integral part of our design engineering. We use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM tools to collaborate our work.

Designing is just the first piece of our systems approach. A seamless hand off from engineering to manufacturing is built into our quality super process. Clean documentation, consistent communications and common design and manufacturing principles render a quality product.

Our factories are using best practices to guarantee quality including on-line WIP, 100% traceability, bar coding, ISO 9001 certification, on-line ECO system, daily internal audits. Life cycle testing, SPC, FMEA, new and tenured employee training, coupled with a company culture are a few of the beliefs that give us a sterling industry reputation. The attached image is an example of our on-line traceability system.

Corporate quality does not stop with manufacturing. The soft side of operations is also extremely important to us. We know customer need timely and accurate information to run their businesses and we treasure these relationships and know quality of information is a critical element of corporate quality. We care so much that we have started a personally conducted customer satisfaction survey. We use that survey to improve the soft side of the business because we know needs change.

This is just the first layer of our corporate quality emphasis. Do you want to know more how we feel about our company? Visit our company’s website and read what our founder, Steve Torres, has to say.

Customer Application: "Return to Sender"

Some scales are fixed in place while others need to be removable to maintain a calibration in the field. Getting accurate readings from measuring devices can be critical depending on the application. Reliable equipment that is tailored to the application can make the difference. If the wrong components are selected for the job at hand, the readings will be worthless and could have a significant impact on related work.

To compete in the modern day world economy, manufacturers need to automate their processes to maximize efficiency. This implies all aspects of your manufacturing processes must work together seamlessly.

A well-known US motorcycle manufacturer has its own in-house injection molding machinery to control the quality and consistency of the parts used on their motorcycles. They came to Group Four Transducers with a serious problem. Here is the rest of the story.

The manufacturing operations were well thought out. The supply base (plastic resin) for the injection molding process was replenished using an automated call system. When inventory was at a low level, an automatic signal was sent to the supplier for replenishment.

Here is where the problem came in. the company was using ultrasonic technology for inventory measurements. Unfortunately, this measurement approach was inaccurate and caused consistent call outs of low inventory that didn’t exist. The resin supply would receive the call out and deliver the specified amount of resin to discover there was much more resin in the silos. These unnecessary trips caused grief for both parties to a point where the resin supplier was determining on its own when deliveries were needed. This manual approached resulted in line shutdowns and a breakdown in the supply chain. Not to mention the relationship was very strained between the supplier and the manufacturer.

Group Four was called in to fix these silo misreads and introduced a weight-based system that would be more accurate and consistent. The resulting installation completely eliminated this manufacturing problem such that in the last 12 months the process is working to 100% satisfaction to the manufacturer and resin supplier.

Do you have a systems weighing problem? Are inaccurate measurements causing you grief in your manufacturing environment or in your product? We are here in the USA ready to take your call and fix your problem! 

Rocker Column Assemblies

Do you have a problem getting accurate product measurements in your silo, bin or hopper? Are inventory discrepancies driving your accounting department crazy? Your problem might be resulting from your measuring technology.

Introducing our new Rocker Column Weigh Module!

This a one of the variety of Weigh Modules Group Four has designed. This Rocker Column design has universal applications and is particularly effective on heavier capacity applications since its capacity goes up to 50 tones. Our engineers design it so that it possesses superior load introduction. This means more repeat-ability and accuracy on your inventory counts.

The anti-uplift and self-checking features ensure safety and eliminates the need for additional check-rods.

The RC Series comes pre-assembled and ready for you to install it by welding or by bolting to your silo legs.

Want to learn more about the RC Series? Please contact one of Group Four’s application experts at 800-419-1444 or sales@group-4.com to learn more about this product.

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