Other Load Cell Types

Load Buttons, Load Pins, and Tension link load cells are all examples of the types of special load cells we get involved in. These are just a few examples of custom load cell products we have designed in the past. We excel at custom designing load cells specifically for your unique application. Just because it has not been done before does not mean we cannot do it. We are designing new products all the time and would love to work with you to give your Company a market advantage.

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7001 Stainless Steel IP67 Load Pin

High capacity load cell constructed by Stainless steel. Available at a logical price.
Capacity: 100t – 500t
Output: 12.0±20% mV/V
Applications: Crane scale, Clevis pin.

8001, 8002 Aluminum/Stainless Steel IP66 Load Button

Precise and available with low to high capacities. Load button load cell made of Aluminum/stainless steel.
Capacity: 1kg – 5t
Output: 1.0±20% mV/V
Applications: Limited space compression force measure or weighing.

MBB 8004 Aluminum Beam Type Load Button

The type MBB is an aluminium beam type load cell with improved potting. It is suitable for use in industrial environments.
Capacity: 5lbs, 10lbs
Output: 3.0±10% mV/V
Applications: Platform scales, hopper and tank scales.

8005 Load Button

The 8005/8006 series load cell is designed for special force and weight applications.
Capacity: 2lbs - 500lbs
Output: 2.0±10% mV/V
Applications: Force measurement.

8011 Stainless Steel Insert Force Sensor Load Button

Precise sensor load cell. Output: 0.200mV/V
Output: 0.200mV/V
Applications: Silo weighing systems. Tank weighing systems. Agricultural equipment. Lift trucks. Structural load measuring. Crane weighing. Crane overload protection sensing. Rolling mill sensing. Machine tool wear sensing.

9001 Tension Link

High capacity load cell. Alloy steel; Patent design equivalent to 3000d for scales class III. Available with cost effective price.
Capacity: 1t – 120t
Output: 3.0±10% mV/V
Applications: Crane scales, tension measurement.