The farm is fast becoming the measurement technology haven of the future. Group Four has developed many unique product solutions that simplify the measurement of force and weight of these commodities, with electronics transferring the data your desk, phone or cloud. The dispensing of feed, fertilizer and seed along with the controlling of inventory of all food products is all done by weight. New requirements for water control and watering efficiency is done by weight.

Product Groups

S Beams

Our S-Beam Load Cell designs are perfect for applications where you need large capacities in a tight fit.
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Double Ended Beams

Group Four Double Ended Beam designs are basically two single-ended beams back-to-back in a single body to provide low profile solutions.
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Electronic Indicators

Our Electronic Indicators ensure that all parts of your measurement system work together.
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Weighing Modules

Weigh modules are used in a variety of weighing applications including tank, silo, bin, and hopper weight measurement.
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