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GR Series Digital weight indicators offer a convenient way to calibrate your weigh system while providing a local operator interface for common functions like “zeroing” or “tareing” the scale. The GR300 is a basic digital display that is commonly found on stand-alone scale systems. The GR400 series is more sophisticated version of the GR300. The GR400 offers on-board software (firmware) that can be customized for filling, loss-in-weight systems, check weighing and batch systems. Both of these indicators are true industrial grade and suitable for all day/everyday use in an industrial environment. They are offered in panel mountable versions as well as stand-alone housings.

The GR300 series of indicators builds on over 20 years of design experience to create a series of cost effective reliable products.

The GR400 series of indicators are designed with both the installer and operator in mind and cover a wide range of applications.

The DFI 250 is powered by Sigma-Delta A/D converter, ensuring fast and accurate weight readings.

A full featured Ethernet IP ready, digital amplifier, the G4DAD 143.1 is the ideal solution for automatic & non-automatic weighing solutions as well as filling or loss-in-weight applications.

The Digital Amplifier, DAD141.1 is a stand-alone device for DIN-rail mounting (TS35). It is an all-in-one device for non-automatic and automatic weighing, filling or loss-in-weigh operations.

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