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Donut shaped load cells allow for a rod or bolt to pass through the center of the load cell. They come with a variety of inside diameters, outside diameters and measuring ranges.  Mounting and space restriction help dictate which model is the best choice.  Used for applications requiring a through-hole design. Bolt force measurement, leg or post mount are areas where these models are used in compression  applications. For optimum performance these models must be mounted between load surfaces which are flat and parallel. The extremely low profile and compact design, combined with their all stainless steel construction and environmental protection have a proven reliability in tough industrial applications.

The ENBL is a stainless steel donut load cell for force and weight measurement. 
Capacity: 1000 to 10000lb

The SSLM is a compression ring type donut shape load cell. Its application ranges from force measurement, weight measurement, tank weighing, hopper weighing, cable tension measurement, bolt compression force and other industrial measurement applications.

Capacity: 25 & 55 ton

The ZBC is a donut load cell specially designed for the measurement compressive/tension forces and weight. Low form factor allows to use it in applications where there is little space for the load cell, such as bolt compression and tension measurements. 

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