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Group Four Electronic Indicators ensure that all the parts of your measurement system work together to make a whole solution.

Electronics associated with load cells are an integral part of the measurement chain. The electronics are commonly referred to as, digital weight indicator, digital display, signal conditioner, and controller. The function of the electronics is to 1.) provide an excitation voltage to the load cells and 2.) to convert the proportional millivolt signal to a weight value.

The electronics also provide the weight information to other plant control systems. Some common systems include PLC’s, HMI’s and DCS’. Electronic devices within an industrial facility do not always speak the same language. The load cell electronics and act as an interpreter and convert the weight information into a language that other electronic devices can understand.

With a wide variety of electronics solutions Group Four can optimize a solution to best fit your application needs

  • Display
  • Hi Speed with Hi Resolution
  • outputs – Modbus, Profibus, RS232, 4-20ma, 0-10 volts
  • Control – limit switches

Group Four can also provide integrated electronics with your sensor, save space , save connections and save cost.

Group Four offers two families of solutions in the GR series and the the GLDU and GDSA product lines.

GR Series Digital weigh indicators offer a convenient way to calibrate your weigh system while providing a local operator interface for common functions like “zeroing” or “tareing” the scale. The GR300 is a basic digital display that is commonly found on stand-alone scale systems. The GR400 series is more sophisticated version of the GR300. The GR400 offers on-board software (firmware) that can be customized for filling, loss-in-weight systems, check weighing and batch systems. Both of these indicators are true industrial grade and suitable for all day/everyday use in an industrial environment. They are offered in panel mountable versions as well as stand-alone housings.

The DAD and GLDU solutions offer a complete solution that may be translated by external devices.

The DAD and GLDU are signal conditioners offering superior speed and accuracy required by OEM’s in industrial processing applications. Their function is to power the load cell(s) and convert the returning millivolt signal to a digital RS422/RS485 signal or analog 4-20 mA signal that can be easily translated by external devices. Precision filling and check weighing are just two examples of how you might use these state-of-the-art electronics. When every millisecond counts, these electronics are the key to reliable, high-speed precise measurements. Their convenient size and profile fits well in control panels and in HMI’s (Human Machine Interface) devices and PLC’s.

View GLDU and DAD Product Data Sheets

The model 3310HHD is a completely portable, hand held, battery powered indicator. Ideal for use as a load cell indicator, strain gauge indicator, force display, weight indicator, weight monitor or load indicator able to drive up to 4 x strain gauge bridges.

View Handheld Indicators Product Data Sheet

The G4610 is a full-featured multipurpose, easy-to-use digital strain gauge & load cell meter ideal for weight and force measurement applications.

View G4610 Data Sheet

The G800-EIP Industrial Weighing Indicator is designed to fulfill measurement and control requirements in harsh industrial environments.

View G800-EIP Data Sheet

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