G800 Industrial Weighing Indicator

Compared to the weighing precision of typical weighing indicators, the high precision and outstanding electromagnetic compatibility of the G800-EIP weighing terminal enable it to better fulfill measurement and control applications in harsh industrial environments. Thanks to its SMT design, the G800-EIP weighing terminal consumes less power and is more compact, allowing it to be panel mounted into to a control cabinet. From an analog output to industrial Fieldbus to Ethernet, the G800-EIP provides a wide variety of interface options. It can seamlessly connect with many types of PC’s, PLC’s, and DC’s. Its digital communication interface provides direct, high-speed control for a variety of applications such as packaging, filling, dynamic weighing and discharging. The G800-EIP can be transparently controlled by a PLC or a PC for remote configuration and calibration. Its six-wire load cell interface compensates for signal loss due to long cable runs (up to 300m).

  • Compact / low cost
  • Multiple control modes
  • Many reliable data interfaces are supported
  • F.I.R. Digital Band Filter.
  • Fast A/D Conversion up to 1000Hz
  • Super Bright OLED Display – No High / Low Temperature Blackout
  • Wide Range of Optional Communication Boards
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