Beam Load Cells

The MBB load cell is a small, high precision, aluminum load cell. 
Capacity: 5lbs – 250lbs
Applications: Force, Weight, Thrust, Check Weighing, Scale Applications, OEM applications

Small size and light capacities make this sensor perfect for laboratory testing and small bench scales. This sensor is offered in capacity ranges from 600 gram up to 3,000 grams. It is only 2.76 inches long and less than 1 inch tall so fitting it into small spaces is no problem.
Applications: Bench Scales, Counting Scales & Grocery Scales. General Purpose Force Measurement.

Low capacity, accurate single point Aluminum load cell with cost effective price.
Capacity: .1kg to 5kg
Output: 1.0±20% mV/V
Applications: Jewelers scale and small filling machines, laboratory testing, light capacity bench scales.

Miniature aluminum load cell designed for measuring tension or compression loads.
Loads up to 100lb
Applications: Robotic leg rehabilitation devices, medical guidewire test, medical bag weighing, DNA synthesis, wire tension measurement

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