stainless steel insert force sensor load button

8011Stainless Steel Insert Force Sensor Load Cell IP68

This Insert Force Sensor is designed to be fixed to the leg of a tank or silo or vessel. It is ideal for measurement of level and is used in cases where the silo is very large or when it is difficult to place the tank on standard load cells.

  • Capacity ranging from hundreds of kg to thousands of t, all with the same sensor; depending on your structure
  • Simple press fit mounting
  • Easily installable in existing structures
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Minimal temperature effect
  • Measures compression, tension, shear,bending and torsion
  • Easy adaptable in OEM products
  • Silo weighing systems, Tank weighing systems, Agricultural equipment, Lift trucks, Structural load measuring, Crane weighing, Crane overload protection sensing, Rolling mill sensing,  Machine tool wear sensing
  • 10m length cable
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