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Group Four Transducers provides pressure measurement solutions. Our complete product line of pressure transducers, transmitters and instrumentation accommodate all standard gas and liquid measurement applications.  In addition to the standard product offer we offer customizable sensors, and as with all Group Four measurement solutions, we configure to provide your application with the most efficient setup possible, and this includes a wide range of accuracy output options dependent on your needs.  

Please view our standard product or contact our application engineers to discuss your project requirements.

The PTG 1000 is a competitively priced, high quality, general purpose pressure transducer with available accuracies from 0.5% to .1% full scale. Ranges from 10” WC to 60,000 PSI.  Ideal for the measurement of pressure in gases and liquids.


PTT 9900 is a high precision pressure transducer offering accuracies of 0.05% full scale with a total error band from -40 C to 85C. This sensor is ideal for application requiring very high precision and reliability. Applications include medical, industrial and aerospace.

Group Four offers away an innovative way to measure temperature with the GTP 8000, all stainless steel construction, low profile temperature probe. Standard range of 0-200 deg C. Available outputs for 4-20 mA and 1-5 Vdc.

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