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Group Four is a full service measurement solution house, and that includes pressure measurement and pressure sensor solutions. Group Four can help you define the best and most efficient solution for your need from a wide range of pressure sensor products. Our application engineers look forward to speaking with you about your project needs. We have provided examples of some of our baseline products here, and offer some guidelines below that will help us determine which type of pressure solution may be a fit for you. Please review the information below and contact our engineers to describe your needs!

G4 Piezoresistive Series Pressure Transducers with isolated stainless steel diaphragm.
Applications: Industrial course testing and control, Automatic testing system, Petrochemical industry, Hydraulic and pneumatic systems, Pump station and water treatment system, Laboratory equipment, Industrial machinery manufacture, Automatic detection system, Saving water to irrigate.

The type G300 is a Strain Gage Pressure Sensor.
Applications: Refrigeration and Air Compressor, Hydraulic pressure controller, Petrochemical industry, Air-conditioner production line testing, Pressure meter, Laboratory equipment, Water pressure measurement, Liquid and Gas pressure measurement.

The type G700 is a Silicone Differential Pressure Sensor with 316 L diaphragm.
Applications: Industrial course testing and control Level measurement and control Service to Oxygen, CO2, Nitrogen Petrochemical industry Storage and fuel, Oil, Water Tank applications Pump station and water treatment system Laboratory equipment Industrial machinery manufacture Automatic detection system

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