G4 piezoresistive pressure transducer

G200-S Piezoresistive Pressure Transducers

G4 Piezoresistive series pressure transducers with isolated stainless steel diaphragm.

  • Accuracy: <+0.25%F.S
  • Wide working temperature scope
  • Advanced digital temperature compensation
  • Excellent resistance against, Shock and erosion
  • Highly-efficient lighting absorption and strong RFI & EMI resistance
  • Impact resistance and disturbance
  • 1.5 times range standard overload
  • 3 times range burst pressure
  • mV signal output
  • Industrial course testing and control, Automatic testing system, Petrochemical industry, Hydraulic and pneumatic systems, Pump station and water treatment system, Laboratory equipment, Industrial machinery manufacture, Automatic detection system, Saving water to irrigate
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