G700 silicone differential pressure sensor

G700 Silicone Differential Pressure Sensor

The type G700 is a Silicone Differential Pressure Sensor with 316 L diaphragm

  • Accuracy: <+1%F.S
  • Wide working temperature scope
  • Advanced digital temperature compensation
  • Excellent resistance against impact, overload, Shock and erosion
  • Highly static pressure overload
  • Highly strong RFI & EMI resistance
  • Impact resistance and disturbance
  • 1.5 times range standard overload
  • 3 times range burst pressure
  • Industrial course testing and control Level measurement and control Service to Oxygen, CO2, Nitrogen Petrochemical industry Storage and fuel, Oil, Water Tank applications Pump station and water treatment system Laboratory equipment Industrial machinery manufacture Automatic detection system
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