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For a number of decades canister load cells were used in large scale weighing applications such as motor truck scales and railroad track scales. Group Four engineering led in the development of rocker column load cells to replace canister load cell technology. Large scales used in trucking, railroads and tank farms suffered from temperature-induced relative expansion and contraction. Canister technology could not eliminate associated reading errors. The Group Four Rocker Column technology eliminates the relative expansion and contraction problem and uses an Error Source Feedback system to overcome canister weaknesses. The basic underlying technology is to allow the scale platform to freely move, or rock, on top of the load cells rather than being rigidly connected, as were the canister load cells. Besides the benefits of weighing accuracy, Group Four Rocker Column Load Cells are designed to use less material and easier to apply sealing technology. Group Four Rocker Column Load Cell capacities range from 20,000 to 300,000 pounds.

The type RC is a stainless steel self centering rocker column load cell with complete hermetic sealing. It is a perfect fit for use in harsh industrial environments.
Capacity: 5t to 50t
Output: 2±0.1% mV/V
Applications: Weighbridges, hoppers, tanks and silos.

The OMSH is a Stainless Steel self centering rocker column compression load cell ideal for fertilizer and seed weighing systems, mixers, silos, truck scales, tank weighing applications. The hermetically sealed load cell is ideal for use in heavy wash down applications. Protection class IP69K.
Capacity: 20, 30, 40 & 50T                                                                            Applications: seed weighing systems, mixers, silos, truck scales, tank weighing applications

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