OMSH (5031) Stainless Steel Rocker Column Load Cell

The OMSH is a Stainless Steel self centering rocker column compression load cell ideal for fertilizer and seed weighing systems, mixers, silos, truck scales, tank weighing applications. The hermetically sealed load cell is ideal for use in heavy wash down applications. Protection class IP69K.

  • Capacities in tons 20,30,40 & 50T
  • Capacities in KLBS 30 & 60 Klbs
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Anti-rotation ring for movement protection
  • Environmental Protection IP69 with hermetic sealing
  • 5-position receptacle red connector
  • Mixers
  • Tank weighing
  • Truck scales
  • Hopper weighing
  • Silo weighing
  • Wash down applications
  • Hopper weighing
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