DSCUSB, USB Srrain Gauge/Load Cell Digitizer Module

The DSCUSB is a useful, all-in-one interface between most strain gauges and your computer. It is a compact, high-performance strain gauge digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity that is perfect for applications requiring high-accuracy measurement repeatability. It has many applications in laboratory testing, educational environments and R&D. Just plug the device into a PC, and it extracts data from most strain gauge bridge input sensors and brings it into your computer by means of acquisition software for easy data manipulation. The device makes the need for amplifiers, filters and multimeters unnecessary. Because it powers itself from your computer’s USB, no additional power supply is required. Housed in a rugged ABS IP50 enclosure, the DSCUSB is suitable for all environments. Although ideal as a 1-to-1 interface, the device can connect with multiple sensors with the use of a suitable hub. Available in ASCII protocol, offering higher resolution and lower temperature drift.

  • Communicates with one or multiple sensors
  • Compatible with most load cells and sensors
  • Simple and self-contained, no PSU or interface card needed
  • High accuracy and stability
  • USB interface, device appears as a virtual com port
  • Easy to connect to your strain gauge sensor
  • Digital I/O, data transferred to your computer in ASCII format
  • High speed, up to 200 readings per second
  • Real MV/V Calibration
  • Peak & through recording
  • Free DSCUSB strain gauge to USB converter toolkit software
  • Windows driver DLL’s available 
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