GDAD 143.1 Digital Load cell Amplifier with Ethernet IP

A full featured Ethernet IP ready, digital amplifier, the G4DAD 143.1 is the ideal solution for automatic &
non-automatic weighing solutions as well as filling or loss-in-weight applications.

  • Weighing mode, Input:
    – Drives up to 6 pcs 350 ohm Load cells.
    – External resolution ±200 000 increments at
    ±2mV/V input.
    – Output update rate 1-600 upd./sec.
    – Bandwidth 0,2-20Hz.
    – OIML R-76 Class III: 10000e; e=0.25 μV/VSI.
  • Input/Outputs, standard:
    – Analogue current output.
    – Analogue voltage output.
    – Triple logic output.
    – Dual logic input.
    – Ethernet TCP/IP, selection of protocols.
    – RS485 full duplex.
  • Built in special programs:
    – Check-weighing.
    – Dozing and filling of bulk goods (pending).
    – Loss-in-weigh applications (pending).
  • Features:
    – Android App for remote set-up and calibration via a LAN (Wi-Fi or Blue Tooth).
    – Six digit display and keyboard for direct setup, calibration and operation.
    – Advanced digital filter performance (FIR or IIR etc.).
    – Load cell (mV/V) calibration.
    – PC program (Buzzard DOP) is available for set-up, calibration and process analyzing.
    – Ethernet IP ready
    – Supports Ethernet/IP (AB), Profinet, EtherCAT and Modbus TCP
    – RS232 service port supporting all the same ASCII commands used with the DAD 141.1
  • Non-automatic and automatic weighing, filling or loss-in-weigh operations.
  • Analog current- and voltage output, Ethernet, RS485 and logic I/O’s for direct control of valves or bars and simple remote operations.
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