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LAC 65.1 Analogue Amplifier

LAC 65.1 is a universal analogue amplifier for static/semi-dynamic weighing applications in hostile industrial environments providing both current and bipolar voltage output at a very high precision. Zero,
span and filter settings are performed via firm DIP-switches in binary organized steps and fine
trimmed by 20 turn pots to achieve a very high resolution. The LAC 65.1 can be clipped on to various
DIN rails and offers robust screw terminals for all connections.

  • Offers extreme stability and security in hostile, industrial environments
  • Both bipolar voltage output ±10V and current output 0-20 or 4-20mA
  • Can drive up to 8 Pc 350 ohm load cells or 24 Pc 1000 ohm load cells
  • Wide range of gain and virtually no zero drift enables a live range down to a few percent of the load cell’s rating
  • Wide range of the low pass input filter from 33 to 0.33Hz to meet any requirement
  • AC excitation voltage (425Hz) cancels influence from EMI and thermo electric forces from wire joints
  • Low 2.5V excitation voltage effectively prevent load cell warm up errors
  • The lay out of the front and the LED indicators ease
  • Static/semi-dynamic weighing applications in hostile industrial environments 
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