4027 aluminum ip67 single point load cell

SP14 (4027) Anodized Aluminum Single Point Load Cell IP67

The SP14 4027 series is designed for light and medium applications and is designed specifically to give a very fast response time. The high natural frequency makes it perfect for precision filling and check weighing applications. The capacities offered are from 1 kg up to 90 kg. The IP67 moisture rating makes it suitable for a semi-wet environment. The bi-directional, integral overload stop gives this load cell positive overload protection in both tension and compression protecting it from operator abuse.

  • Capacities from 1kg to 90kg
  • Aluminum construction
  • Environmental protection IP67
  • High natural frequency, Fast responce time
  • Integral tension and compression over load stop
  • High precision filling, packaging and check weighing machines
  • mV/V/Ohm calibration matching
  • Voltage output
  • Digital serial output
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