GHPS 4046 Stainless Steel Hermetic/IP68 Single Point Load Cell

GHPS (4046) Stainless Steel Hermetic Single Point Load Cell IP69

The 4046 is a stainless steel single point load cell with a true hermetic seal. Welded covers and a hermetic header make this cell impenetrable by water and moisture. Capacities offered are from 25 lb to 200 lb. If you are washing down your scales every day, this load cell is the right one for your bench scale, packaging machine, and/or filling machine.

  • Capacities 25lb, 50lb, 100lb, 200lb
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Environmental Protection IP68
  • Bench and Floor Scales
  • Conveyor Scales
  • Check Weighers
  • Packaging Machines
  • Industrial Process Control.
  • mV/V/Ohm Calibration
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