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At Group Four, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find solutions. We design and manufacture weighing and force measurement solutions for function driven enterprises for just about any application. Our business model is based on these four core competencies. 

Product Quality

All of our products are manufactured to high efficiency standards and engineered to demonstrate outstanding performance.

Strategic Partnering

We value building long-term partnerships with customers and vendors, in order to continually enhance our value.

Value Engineering

Our improved designs and applications reflect years of hard won field experience in diverse weighing environments.

Innovative Manufacturing

Our innovative cellular manufacturing process provides a unique degree of flexibility, productivity and quality control.

Tell us about your project

Group Four is a worldwide leading supplier of force, torque, pressure and weight data collection instrumentation, custom sensor systems and calibration services for over 25 years. We proudly offer a wide selection of load cells, mounting hardware, torque cells, force and pressure sensors, torque gauges, pressure transducers, pressure gauges, digital instrumentation, hand-held units, and custom test stands. Optional Network (IIoT) and PLC connectivity are available, depending on application. 

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