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Measurement Chain Solutions

Group Four provides end to end measurement chain solutions.

What exactly is a measurement chain?

For Group Four, it is everything in the measurement system, connected to your network!

The Group Four measurement chain description is so broad because it is evolving!  Connections and information sharing is becoming accessible at more points than ever before. In its most basic form, the measurement chain includes a sensor, a method of transmission of signal, and a ‘transmitter’ to transform the electrical signal into a readable form.  These measurements taken together, and integrated with end user PLC, HMI, or total network provide the vital measurements necessary for process control.

There is tremendous focus and discussion regarding the measurement chain as a digital system. This can be misleading, as it may seem that analog devices cannot work in modern measurement chain systems. While we recognize digital sensors overcome the traditional drawbacks of analog sensor systems, there is no reason they are not part of a modern measurement chain solution.

Group Four connects analog systems with signal conditioners to translate analog signals into digital signals. Further, the Group Four process instrumentation translates inputs to support Ethernet/IP (AB), Profinet, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, and other communication systems enabling high speed integrated communication.

Group Four Measurement Chain systems offer signal conditioning, calibration, command protocols and software used for check-weighing, dosing and filling of sensitive and bulk goods, loss-in-weigh measurements and more.

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