Founders Message

Steve Torres - CEO
Steve Torres

Steve brings over 40 years of experience in the scale and weighing industry. After about 15 years of working within the industry he gained experience and built the relationships he needed to take the leap of faith and create his own way. In 1993, Steve founded Group Four Transducers in an old New England Mill with the help of Digital Equipment and Springfield College. His vision was to create quality driven products and provide exceptional customer service. To this day, Steve continues to grow his business based on those factors.

Steve believes that over the years of changes, one thing remains the same; Group Four is committed to providing the highest quality load cells and system solutions and the best experience possible. He understands that while Group Four is a direct reflection of the work he and his team put in, it’s nothing without his loyal customers. He values the relationships he has built over the years and takes pride in maintaining them.

In Steve’s downtime you can find him spending time with his wife and two children, on the golf course or enjoying a warm breeze by the ocean.