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In response to the Global Pandemic, Group Four is supporting Medical Equipment Manufacturers, Food Processing, Paper Products and Cleaning Products Manufacturers. Group Four provides reliable and efficient inspection and testing equipment, and calibration services to support testing equipment currently in operations. Our factories and our measurement team partners are critical in this fight and operating at full capacity to help manufacturers test products necessary for this fight including:

  1. Toilet Paper – Tissue strength – force measurement
  2. 3M Brand or Any Face Masks – elastic band strength test – force measurement. Also the integrity of the mask material, does it rip after multiple uses?
  3. Antibacterial wipes tear resistance. Should not tear during use and should not tear when pulled from the container – force measurement
  4. Testing for Manufacturing of Ventilators –

Force tests using ESM303:

– tubing to connector welding (small and larger O.D.)

– wire pull testing

– push buttons mechanical and electronic

Torque tests using TT01 or TSTM:

– rotary knobs

– valves

  1. Clorox and other types of liquid disinfectants need to have their caps torque tested so they do not leak during shipping or are too tight for the end user to open. – Measurement: torque testing
  2. Swabs – These are needed for the collection of saliva from the mouth or nose mucus for corona virus testing – Measurement: Force measurement of the sticks and cotton/foam adhesion
  3. Hand sanitizer plastic bottle with pump – top load on bottle. Measurement: Force of pump and pump cycle testing