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Force measurement is widely used throughout a variety of industries. Load cells can be found in handheld force measurement devices as well as test stands and dynamometers. Because of the uniqueness of these tests, the load cells are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The capacity ranges can also vary from grams (measuring the force to crush a pill) to millions of pounds (testing steel alloys to their yield limits). The electronics required for this application need to record the output from the load cells at a very rapid rate. They also need to be very precise in determining the peak forces being measured. Our expert, experienced application team can help choose the proper force transducer and measurement instrumentation for your application. We can help you measure a few grams up to a 100 ton, in wet and dirty environments to your spotless clean room. We will also offer set up assistance and training. Contact us for more information.

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Our application team can help you select the proper sensor and electronic solution for any test and measurement requirement that you have.
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