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Group Four provides precision calibration services for load, pressure and torque sensors.

  • Load cell calibration service: Proper load cell calibration keeps your machinery weighing accurately and prevents inconsistencies. When you need load cell re-calibration repair, trust Group Four to get your equipment back to you at peak performance for quality assurance, regulatory compliance and more.
  • Torque wrench calibration service: We have the proper tools to calibrate your equipment accurately.
  • Pressure gauge precision calibration: Our pressure transducer/transmitter and pressure gauge calibration service enables you to maintain a precise and accurate production process.

Our laboratory employs test standards that are NIST traceable for calibration. We offer Z540 with A2LA certification via a third-party partner. With the aid of micro adjustable custom test stands, we can accurately test to any required load and verify performance against our ultra-high precision control standards. Our precision load standards and test stands provide the ultimate in load cell system testing. We offer all the standard calibrations regularly requested, providing verification of non-linearity and hysteresis performance. We are also able to perform any calibration requirement you have, just let us know your requirements and date of delivery and we will be happy to meet your needs.

Systems Calibration Contracts
We want to make your calibration services an easy step toward keeping your instrumentation and processes highly precise. Countless industries like medical, manufacturing, construction, materials testing, laboratory work and more require accurate results in order to produce meaningful work. Calibration is key, and it needs to happen regularly with even the most high-end equipment. To take the stress off you, we can keep track of your equipment to determine the due date for its next calibration servicing. If you want, we’ll even send automatic reminders. Many customers have gotten maximum benefit out of our calibration services by signing up for one of our contracts. They’re available for one, two or three year periods at a guaranteed price, and we’ll take care of your yearly force and pressure calibration during that period. We even provide the option to customize a service contract if your company has specific requirements. Just call us at 833-255-0208, or email us to discuss options. You’ll receive discounts just for signing up and gain immediate access to countless benefits like:

  • Priority: With any one of our contracts, you’ll get priority technical support from our experts by email or phone – it’s your choice. We’ll also provide priority handling on the orders you place with us.
  • Control: Several elements of your calibration services will be locked in when you sign up for a contract. The price will stay the same, including the discounts you qualify for, throughout the life of the contract. Furthermore, our deliveries of your orders will be on time every time, in line with your pre-set calibration schedule.
  • Warranty: With our contract, we provide an additional two months of warranty on the calibration services we perform. Whether we’re completing pressure transducer calibration services, torque sensor precision calibration services or any other work on your equipment, we’re confident enough in the quality of our services to extend our warranty with a contract.
  • Information: We keep information-gathering convenient, including access to historical calibration data for any of your components. If you need to know the exact load sensor precision calibration services or other work we’ve done for your components throughout the years, we’ll get it to you right away.
  • Quality: We use state-of-the-art calibration equipment for your services to make sure everything we do is highly accurate. We’ll keep up with quality controls, so they’re properly met and constantly maintained on your equipment — this way, you don’t have to stress about unexpected audits. We perform 17025 and ASTM E74 calibrations through our partner network. You can expect all our work to be high quality, and any in-house calibrations we perform are NIST-traceable.

Returns / Calibrations To return items to Group Four and/or request calibration estimate, please download the form below, fill out appropriate information and email it back to us. We will approve it, assign an RMA # and return to you to include in your shipment. Request Calibration Quote/RMA Form