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The backbone of Group Four, Weight Measurement, is one of the fastest growing measurement segments in Industry. As commodities become more expensive, as more and more technology move into the world of data analytics, the measurement of weight is even more critical. The desire to avoid waste, the drive to achieve greater efficiencies, the interest in a greener planet, these factors ask for more efficient weight measurement. Let Group Four’s application engineers, using solutions from its very broad range of load cells, weigh systems and instrumentation, help you select the perfect solution for your application.

Inventory Management

The best way to know how much material is left in your storage silo is to measure it by weight.

Check Weighing

Look at any product on your supermarket shelf. Every one of these has a weight printed on the packaging.

Tank Hopper and Vessel Weighing

Tank and vessel weighing is important for a variety of applications.

Bulk Bag Loading and Weighing

Bulk bags have changed the way materials are stored and shipped around the world.

Mixing Batching Blending and Weighing

The consistency of the batch will ultimately determine the quality and consistency of their product.

Product Groups


Our Canister load cells are hermetically sealed and very durable.
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Our digital load cells are ideal for connecting your weighing or force measurement application directly to a computer, DAS, HMI, or your proprietary controls.
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Double Ended Beams

Group Four Double Ended Beam designs are basically two single-ended beams back-to-back in a single body to provide low profile solutions.
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Our Instrumentation products include digital weigh indicators, process instrumentation, handheld indicators, signal conditioners and wireless.
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Miniature Load Cells

Our miniature load cells are used for light weight, light touch, or for smaller spaces.
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Planar Beams

Our Planar designs include a "Winged Beam" which applies techniques that improves non linearity performance to 0.002%; the best in the industry.
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Pressure Transducers

We can help you define the best and most efficient solution for your need from a wide range of pressure sensor products.
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Rocker Column

Our Rocker Column Load Cells are designed to use less material and easier to apply sealing technology.
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S Beams

Our S-Beam Load Cell designs are perfect for applications where you need large capacities in a tight fit.
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Single Ended Beams

Our Single Ended Beam Load Cell family offers a variety of solutions for low profile scale applications.
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Single Point

We don't take a "one fit for all" approach to its Single Point Load Cell solutions.
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Tank Weighing Modules

Tank weighing modules are used in a variety of weighing applications including tank, silo, bin, and hopper weight measurement.
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Other Load Cells

Load Pins and Tension link load cells are some of the special load cells we offer.
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