Group Fours digital instrumentation is used to power the transducer and display the reading in desired engineering units. We offer a variety of instruments from battery powered handheld instruments, wireless to multi-channel configurations. Our digital displays range from 4 ½ digits to 6 digits. Most of our instruments offer a peak hold function to capture the peak force during a measurement operation. Many of our instruments have either standard or optional control features with outputs, such as RS232, Analog or Ethernet.

Hazardous or other challenging environments? We offer instruments to meet your demands. Also a wide range of options to interface with Programmable Logic Controllers, (PLC) and Human Machine Interfaces, (HMI). Group Four also offers plug and play systems that allow quick and easy change of different load sensors so there is no need to re-calibrate your instrument when you need to change a load cell. Systems come calibrated and are ready to use out of the box.

Applications Include: Hopper Weighing, Batching, Filling, Loss-in-Weigh, Silo Weighing, Peak Force Detection, Break Force Detection, Insertion Force Detection, process monitoring.


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3310HD Handheld Indicator


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The 3310HHD is a completely portable, hand held, battery powered indicator. Ideal for use as a load cell indicator, strain gauge indicator, force display, weight indicator, weight monitor or load indicator able to drive up to 4 x strain gauge bridges.
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